According to sales data, Central Florida Real Estate values in January 2018 still below market peak of 2007.

The media is circulating that the real estate market has now surpassed the peak of 2007. IT’S NOT TRUE! There’s no data presented to support this claim. In researching the ACTUAL sales data for all homes sold, the results are below:

According to ORRA, the median home value for all homes sold in Central Florida peaked at $264,436 in July 2007. As of January 2018, the median home value for all homes sold in was $225,000. Overall prices are still 15% below the peak. Many condo values are still about 40% below the peak! The median home value data is comprised of closed sales for SFHs, condos, town houses, & duplexes. It does not include vacant land or commercial properties.

If you’re interested in the opposite end of the spectrum. The real estate market bottom did NOT occur in 2009 or 2010. It was January 2011 when the median home value for Central Florida bottomed at $94,900.

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Author: JasonCraneRE

Real Estate Expert, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Jason Crane Real Estate LLC, in Orlando, Florida with 700+ successful real estate closings and total sales volume in excess of $76 million. Jason specializes in Residential real estate, Bank-owned Foreclosures & Short Sales. Also, Jason is an active real estate investor and landlord with a portfolio of residential real estate properties across Central Florida. Please visit for more information!

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