The 8 Biggest Opportunities from the Coronavirus Outbreak & How to Restore the US Economy

Not to be insensitive to the current plight of the world, but while everyone is paralyzed by fear & uncertainty, or using this time to stay glued to television screens for latest crisis updates or for watching Netflix, there will be about 1-2% of you out there who will see that once-in-a-decade event as an opportunity.

Definitely NOT advocating people to take advantage of someone else’s pain & suffering, but rather people be open-minded & receptive to ideas or other points-of-view.

Those of you who are willing to hustle, take risks, put money to work, make investments or provide a service, this will be your chance create wealth & work towards the ultimate goals of attaining Financing Freedom & Financial Independence.

During the Great Recession & financial crisis, I personally closed 344 real estate deals from 2008-2010; most of which were dilapidated houses sold to investors who rehabilitated homes & rebuilt neighborhoods. During & after the real estate collapse, I also purchased 15 real estate investment properties & have rehabilitated 13 of those providing housing to 22 residents/families.

8 Opportunities Knocking on your Door:

1. Fed reduced interest rates to the lowest levels ever. If there was a time to get a mortgage or refinance, it is now.

2. US Stock Markets indexes are down 28% this month. Although I am not an authority or expert on equity markets nor making any recommendations, opportunities may exist particularly in the sectors that have been the most devastated; i.e. airlines, cruise lines, hospitality, casinos, dine-in restaurants & energy; as well as oversold perennial blue chip companies.

3. Real estate — Vacation rental industry will be strained by cancellations, vacancies & will likely experience a spike in listing inventory. Also, loan defaults will be on the rise.

4. Shut-downs & self-quarantining will sadly hurt small businesses the most & will likely see a number of businesses being listed for sale in upcoming months.

5. Demand for loans will rise, particularly small business loans, to offset cash shortages & balance sheet deficiencies.

6. Following industries & will emerge as the “beneficiaries” (for lack of a better word) health care, professional cleaning services, cleaning products, food delivery, shipping, streaming movies, video conferencing, processed food/snacks, super markets & pharmaceutical companies (most specifically vaccine-oriented.)

7. Federal government will be implementing a massive fiscal stimulus program to assist all Americans, most likely in the form of cash payments.

8. Worst hit industries, mostly likely the airlines, will be seeking a federal government bailout. Travel fares & vacation packages will be the lowest levels since 9/11 crisis.

People & businesses will be needing assistance & those who are positioned to provide help, solve problems & service a need will greatly aid in the recovery efforts.

The overall point is to be willing to view a situation from various different perspectives.

Sincerely hope everyone stays save during this temporary health crisis & we’re able to unite as a country to overcome the epidemic.

Wishing everyone well.

Author: JasonCraneRE

Real Estate Expert, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Jason Crane Real Estate LLC, in Orlando, Florida with 775+ successful real estate closings and total sales volume in excess of $82 million. Jason specializes in Residential real estate, Bank-owned Foreclosures & Short Sales. Also, Jason is an active real estate investor and landlord with a portfolio of residential real estate properties across Central Florida. Please visit for more information!

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